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Swingers Swinging - Not Just For Couples

Swinging is not just for couples!  Swinging is an all-inclusive sexy party where everyone is invited! So just how many forms of swinging/swingers are there? For the uninitiated, if I said ‘swingers’ they’d imagine a couple that has sex with another couple. That’s not incorrect – but it’s only one facet of the swinging…

Swingers Parties Happy Australia Day celebration by girls on the beach

Sexy Australia Day Events! Babes with bronzed bods in bikinis, boys in boardshorts chugging beer by the BBQ – Sexy Australia Day events are a celebration of what it means to be a true blue Aussie! It’s always a fun, laid-back day and why should this year be any different? In…

Featured Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

So…just what classifies sex as really good sex? The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex is a place to learn, play & think more about just that question. The festival runs 22nd January through to the 26th in Sydney, New South Wales.  It’s set to be the largest, most comprehensive program ever produced, with 4…

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