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Fun Swingers Dating

Swingers Dating? You bet! There’s a bit of a misconception that swinging is only about sex. OK. Admittedly, a lot of it is about sex but swinging is usually at its most satisfying when there is a healthy dose of socialising and clothed merry-making happening as well. I’m sure most couples go…

Fun Top Ten Swingers Sex Toys

One thing a lot of swingers have in common is that they have amazing toy collections!  So why not pull out your goodies when you’re playing with friends? Not sure what to start with, or want to increase the size of your toy box with some swinger-friendly bits and pieces?…

Fun Masquerade1

Best Swingers Party Themes Having a theme at a swinger’s party is a great idea for a number of reasons: it lets people know how they should be dressing, it can lead to some role-playing opportunities and it’s just damn fun! It’s important to pick themes that won’t deter those…

Swingers Parties Happy Australia Day celebration by girls on the beach

Sexy Australia Day Events! Babes with bronzed bods in bikinis, boys in boardshorts chugging beer by the BBQ – Sexy Australia Day events are a celebration of what it means to be a true blue Aussie! It’s always a fun, laid-back day and why should this year be any different? In…

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