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Swingers Parties Sexy New Years Resolutions

Sexy New Years Resolutions Why not make some sexy new years resolutions that you’ll delight in achieving, rather than dread? Let’s be honest, anyone who says they haven’t made a new years resolution and failed miserably at achieving it is a dirty rotten liar! The new year is a great time…

Swingers Pegging

RedHotPie Australia recently did a poll on pegging, and the results were pretty interesting, with a surprisingly high number of peeps (male, female and couples) saying they’d either tried it or were keen to give it a  go. If you’ve never heard of pegging, you might be surprised to find…

Fun For Swingers Stuff Swingers Say

Stuff Swingers Say “I don’t know what you did to my wife, but can you teach me? I’ve never seen her squirt like that before!” “Honey, there’s a unicorn over here!” “Could we move our date to next week? My wife just got her period.” “Babe is my slutty cop…

Featured Sexy Spooktacular Halloween Costumes

Sexy Spooktacular Halloween Costumes There’s no reason you can’t be spooky AND sexy on Halloween! With a little bit of fake blood, pretty much any costume can become Halloween-themed. These are some of our favourite themes, with just a small sample of some of the sexy Halloween costumes out there.…

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