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If you're looking for swingers in Europe, swingers in New Zealand, or swingers in Asia, RedHotPie is now international and caters for all your travel needs.


Types of People at a Swingers Party

What types of people will you *really* meet at a swingers party? I stumbled across this article the other day and just shook my head. Written by a young American woman about her first (and no doubt only) experience in visiting a swingers party in Hollywood (of all places!), I was…

Featured May is Masturbation Month!

May is Masturbation Month! Yeah, we’ve only just rolled into April but there’s nothing wrong with getting prepared for a good month of appreciating your own bits! Get ready for Masturbation May! A whole month dedicated to self-loving? We couldn’t be more stroked! Sorry, stoked. Masturbation month first became a…

Swingers Swingers You MUST Follow On Twitter

Swingers You MUST Follow On Twitter We’re addicted to Twitter – short and sweet posts that are often full of sexy (and naughty!) pics and vids. What’s not to like?!? And the best part? The number of smoking hot swingers that are on there posting not only saucy but also…

Featured Unexpectedly Dirty Celebrities

Unexpectedly Dirty Celebrities Us mere humans are often obsessed with celebrities – in particular their sex lives. It probably has something to do with the fact that celebrities are so often cagey about all things sex because they want to maintain a ‘family-friendly’ persona. But sometimes, that persona is cracked -…

Featured Aussie Swingers Sex Stories - Public Sex

Aussie Swingers Sex Stories – Public Sex We’re well aware that the folks over at RedHotPie Australia are super sexy but we had no idea just how kinky they are! If you’ve never ventured into the Sex Stories section of the site then do yourself a favour and check it out. There…

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