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‘The Cab Ride’ by Life_begins_at

“In the mirror’s reflection, I watch as his hand slips down the top of her dress, caressing her wonderful, full breasts. I glance back in the other direction. I now see Mr Football has unleashed himself from the confines of his suit trousers, with my wife’s right hand now rhythmically stroking his rock-hard cock.

No-one is talking any more. Not them. Me. The cabbie. In the back, all I can hear are some muffled groans and the sound of lips locking. Our cabbie meanwhile is now staring too intently at the road in front – not sure what’s going on and not wanting to know.

Then, things went from naughty to downright outrageous.”

A hot wife with two young studs in the back of a cab? Yes please! Read the rest at the Sex Stories page.

Aussie Swingers Sex Stories - Public Sex

Aussie Swingers Sex Stories – Public Sex

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