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Featured Unexpectedly Dirty Celebrities

Unexpectedly Dirty Celebrities Us mere humans are often obsessed with celebrities – in particular their sex lives. It probably has something to do with the fact that celebrities are so often cagey about all things sex because they want to maintain a ‘family-friendly’ persona. But sometimes, that persona is cracked -…

Featured Mature Swingers

We all know that swingers come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, but the one factor that many people seem to have the least amount of tolerance for is age. If a couple has set an upper limit then they very rarely consider meeting people above that age bracket,…

Featured Aussie Swingers Sex Stories - Public Sex

Aussie Swingers Sex Stories – Public Sex We’re well aware that the folks over at RedHotPie Australia are super sexy but we had no idea just how kinky they are! If you’ve never ventured into the Sex Stories section of the site then do yourself a favour and check it out. There…

Featured May is Masturbation Month!

May is Masturbation Month! A whole month dedicated to self-loving? We couldn’t be more stroked! Sorry, stoked. Masturbation month first became a thing in 1995. It was created by a sex shop in the US to raise awareness and show that masturbation is healthy, safe and natural. Several studies have shown that…

Featured Stuff Swingers Don't Say

It’s hard to not out yourself as swingers sometimes. There are just some things you don’t react to in the same way regular folk do. In order to not arouse suspicion, I find myself pretending to be outraged at things that I know societal norms expect me to find outrageous.…

Featured Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay

Celebrities aren’t always out and proud about their sexuality – some of them prefer to keep it to themselves or even deny it before being ‘outed’ in the media. Some celebrities choose to ‘come out’ on their own terms, through awards ceremony speeches or social media. On our list of…

Featured Real Sex in Hollywood Films

You might be shocked to hear that not all celebrities are ‘faking it’ during sex scenes in movies – and no, we’re not talking about porn stars! We’re talking about mainstream actors having real sex in Hollywood films: no dry humping, no skin coloured socks and nipple covers, just real, unsimulated…

Featured Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers

Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers What’s better than finding out that your celeb crush used to take their clothes off for a living? On our list of Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers, there may be some names that you’ll find surprising – we certainly were shocked! At the same…


The fun is out so let’s get some summer fun for swingers happening! Can we get an Amen for winter finally being over? My apologies to fellow Aussies who are still freezing their proverbials of in areas that didn’t get the memo, but I think I can safely say that…

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