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Adult Swinger Ads Swingers

My husband and I went out to a mini swingers social in the city the other night. It was organised by a couple who we met some time ago from RedHotPie and had hoped to catch up with again. Unfortunately we’re all so busy that it can take months to…

Featured Swinging Single Girls Guide

How does a single girl navigate the world of swinging? Swinging single girls are revered for being sexual vixens who know what they want and don’t need a man to get it! Navigating the swinging scene on your own can seem like an overwhelming pursuit, although it needn’t be a scary…

Newbie Maintaining a Healthy Swinging Relationship

You’re in a swinging relationship, however you’re starting to feel that the desire to swing isn’t equal. This situation is not uncommon, with many different factors having an impact on your sexual appetite and desires throughout your life. Many couples – swinging and non-swinging alike – will find that there is…