Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay


Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons plays the hilarious, socially inept Sheldon in the hugely successful television series The Big Bang Theory, and while he never hid it, he was never ‘in your face’ about his sexuality either. He has been with his partner, Todd Spiewak, since 2002 and describes Spiewak as ‘the best thing that every happened’ to him. Speaking to James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio Parsons said:

“I never had a coming out piece, I just didn’t mention it. I took Todd with me to events…and then finally one day while working on Harvey I did a piece with Patrick Healy for The New York Times and he just point-blank asked, ‘Was working on The Normal Heart meaningful to you as a gay man?’ And I was like, ‘Well, yeah. Yeah.’ And what a wonderful…I can’t tell you what a wonderful thing that was, what a gift he gave me with one question. It was suddenly out there and official.”

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay - Jim Parsons

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay – Jim Parsons

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