Hot Summer Fun For Swingers


The fun is out so let’s get some summer fun for swingers happening!

Hot Summer Fun For Swingers

Can we get an Amen for winter finally being over? My apologies to fellow Aussies who are still freezing their proverbials of in areas that didn’t get the memo, but I think I can safely say that most of us are enjoying the warm spring rays.

No other group of people find winter a turn off more than swingers. It’s hard enough mustering the strength to pull a heavy coat on to have a meal out, but to head to a swingers party with insufficient heating? Brrrr…

Of course you can entertain naughty friends at home but only the hardcore are willing to abandon their cosy sofa to venture out for some swinging action. Of course I do love me some partner swapping fun but it’s really a summer sport isn’t it?

So why is swinging so much hotter in summer? The hotter weather is a no-brainer but what are the other factors that make us want to get it on so much more? Here are some things to whet your appetite with.

Pool Parties

nebraska-college-girls-36‘Summer’, ‘Pool’ and ‘Party’ have to be the holy trinity of any party circle and swingers are no exception. The girls and guys get down to teeny tiny swimwear (or less) and cavort around the pool. It can get as hot as it wants but with a pool to cool off in, the fun just keeps going on and on. The water-shy can of course canoodle in a cabana, enjoying cock… tails.


Flashing Skin

As soon as the mercury rises over 25C, you can bet that you start seeing more flesh. It’s time to pack away jeans and skivvies (you wear them??) and bring out the flirty, revealing clothes that leave little to the imagination. It’s that huge change of mindset that leads people to want to keep taking more clothes off and get frisky 😉

Sexy Fruits

thumbWhile some people will insist that their favourite fruit is grape (as in, fermented and turned into wine), you can’t deny the power of fruit in getting you feeling sexy and sensual over summer. Fruits are thought to reflect the luscious sex organs of humans (if you don’t believe me, check out these beauties!) so a natural aphrodisiac. Right now, mangoes are ripe for the picking and soon saucy stone fruits and juicy figs will be ready to feast on. Try feeding your sexy swinger friends fruit before a hot sex session. All those juices and stickiness will go down a treat!

Let the Rhythm Take Control

If fruit is really just not your thing, then no doubt music will get you in the mood. Summer is definitely the season for outdoor music enjoyment; you can get your groove on at the various music festivals coming up over the next few months, or simply chill to some live music at your local beer garden. Deep bass and sexy rhythms definitely bring out the primal urges in us so take a group of swingers friends to an event and get hyped up on some musical energy. You know the sex afterwards will be concert all on its own.

Holiday Lovin’

beach-selfieLastly, for a lot of us, summer is the time to make holiday plans, whether it be a long vacay overseas or a ‘staycation’ at a luxury resort just a short drive away from home. Being on some sort of holiday definitely puts you in the mood to get naughty. There’s something about being away from the day-to-day that gives you permission to do things you might otherwise never do. Fancied a hot moresome with some buff guys? A plush hotel suite might make you want to fulfill those greedy girl fantasies. Couples keen for some spontaneous swinging action will love flirting at a sexy bar in a strange town and see what transpires back at the hotel. Want to see who’s available for a sexy date right now? Try RedHotPie’s DateFinder feature to score a hot date ASAP. There’s no excuse to not make the most of your time away from the ordinary.