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Swingers in Canberra

Where are the swingers in Canberra? Canberra. Our nation’s capital. It’s home to much of our country’s pride and joy with museums and galleries abound. However, are there actually any swingers in Canberra? You bet there are! While there may be limited options in terms of swingers clubs in Canberra, there’s…

Featured Real Sex in Hollywood Films

You might be shocked to hear that not all celebrities are ‘faking it’ during sex scenes in movies – and no, we’re not talking about porn stars! We’re talking about mainstream actors having real sex in Hollywood films: no dry humping, no skin coloured socks and nipple covers, just real, unsimulated…

Featured Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers

Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers What’s better than finding out that your celeb crush used to take their clothes off for a living? On our list of Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers, there may be some names that you’ll find surprising – we certainly were shocked! At the same…

Fun For Swingers Sexy Valentine's Ideas

Sexy Valentines Ideas It’s that time of year again when the pressure is on to show just how romantic and sweet you can be – fellas and ladies alike. If you’re struggling for sexy Valentines ideas, fear not! We’ve got some pearlers. We’ve included both new, fresh sexy Valentines ideas…

Swingers Parties RedHotPie Adult Forums

RedHotPie Adult Forums We look to the internet for all those curly questions that we have, particularly when it comes to all things sex-related. That’s why we were so excited when we discovered the RedHotPie adult forums. The Adult Forums is a public section of adult dating and social networking website…

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