Stuff Swingers Say


Stuff Swingers Say

Stuff Swingers Say

Stuff Swingers Say

“I don’t know what you did to my wife, but can you teach me? I’ve never seen her squirt like that before!”

“Honey, there’s a unicorn over here!”

“Could we move our date to next week? My wife just got her period.”

“Babe is my slutty cop outfit too boring? Should I just go to the party in my lingerie?”

“We’ve invited our vanilla friends too, so don’t mention the site.”

“We LOVED your profile photos and your username is great!”

“Do you mind if I feel your wife’s breasts? They’re amazing!”

“Ooo how hot is she? Whoah her husband is NOT! I am NOT taking one for the team!”

“Babe, can you grab my double ender, I don’t think they have one.”

“We use the same condom brand and lube!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise you with clothes on…and from the neck up!”

“If our friends ask, how do we know each other? Friend of a friend? Kids in the same class? Met at a party?”

“Your wife gives unreal blow jobs!”

“How was my weekend? Oh I didn’t do much, just hung around the house…”

“Oh, don’t get my face in the photo, just my boobs. Go on, get your head in there..what was your name again?”

“I don’t know what all the fuss over 50 Shades of Grey is, I thought it was boring!”

“We’ve been friends with Ed and Carol for years now! …Do you know what their last names are honey?”

“Can we move to the bedroom before 3am? We didn’t get to bed until 6am last time!”

Stuff Swingers Say

Stuff Swingers Say