Swingers Sex: What Really Goes On?


With so many tongues, limbs and bits involved, how does swingers sex work?

Swingers Sex

Sadly, this doesn’t happen so much at swingers parties…

A few people not quite au fait with the swingers scene may wonder what actually goes on during group sex. Sure, partner swapping sounds simple enough but what happens when four or more people end up on the same bed? Do you take turns? Are there rules? Is it possible for everyone involved to actually enjoy swingers sex?

For most part, swingers sex is normal sex: it just involves more than two people.¬†How a group of swingers decide to have sex depends on every participant’s preference. If two couples are meeting for an intimate encounter then you can expect the partners to swap (either for full sex or just foreplay). In this case, the enjoyment of a different partner is the main focus so you can expect regular, hot sex happening (x2). If all partners or female partners are bisexual then there will no doubt be more interaction on the same bed.

Swingers sex might also involve couples who only seek girl-on-girl action so all that may happen is a pair of sexy ladies enjoying themselves while their male partners watch on, or interact minimally by playing with their respective ladies. Some swinger couples also prefer a full, separate-room swap in which case the experience is not dissimilar to two sets of men and women hooking up for hot sex.

So what about at swingers parties and at swingers clubs? I guess with more people to play with, the sort of swingers sex that can happen can vary greatly. Most parties and clubs have private rooms or private areas where a handful of couples can enjoy a more intimate setting, but there are also open, ‘anything goes’ areas where it’s all-in fun for all. Obviously you’re NEVER obliged to have sex or interact with people you don’t fancy, but the open area is for sexplorers who want to experience limitless swingers sex. Here, you can expect to lose count of the hands, boobs and penises you cross paths with.

Ultimately, is it possible to enjoy swingers sex at the open-room, orgiastic extreme? It depends on what you really get your kicks out of (voyeurism, exhibitionism etc.) as there is not guarantee that more bodies equals more orgasms. No one goes into groups sex with the aim of ensuring that everyone has the same amount of fun. Some people will get a lot of attention while others may end up on the fringes with nary a grasp of the penis. These situations are not for wallflowers!